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Build an organization which promotes professional development and business opportunities within, and between, the Chinese-American, and the broader Birmingham area community. This organization seeks to develop business opportunities at all levels: locally, in other domestic US markets, and internationally.

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Why should you consider joining CABAB?

Why should you use the services of CABAB members?

CABAB members are dedicated individuals who strive to provide professional, reliable, ethical goods and services to Birmingham area residents. Supporting CABAB supports the growth and development of Birmingham’s Chinese-American community. For a listing of members and the goods and services they provide, please visit our website.


The Chinese-American Business Association of Birmingham was founded in 2002 by businesspeople of Chinese ancestry in the Birmingham, Alabama, area who realized the synergies and opportunities that existed among the Birmingham Chinese business community. Involved in numerous aspects of the business communities, Chinese-Americans realized that by working together, they could more easily resolve common challenges that they face, reach a broader audience through joint marketing, and form a united front to educate non-Chinese about Chinese culture.

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